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Have you ever been searching on the web for reality porn that involves daughters swapping their daddies or those daddies swapping their daughters for some fucking? If so then you are in the right place, Daughter Swap is stacking with situations like that and includes horny fellows and their hot teenage daughters.

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This site brings a whole new kind of kinky sex the adult scene, this particular website focuses on quality cock sucking and pussy pounding from young teenage girls that decided to swap their fathers just to see how would sex with them go.


When we talk about the content that the site has to offer, we are talking about around 80 + scenes with photo sets. Ever since the launch of this site back on 2016, they have been uploading 3 – 4 scenes each month. Every update consists of a video followed up by an image gallery. Videos are available on for viewing on the site in a lower SD quality, but you can download the Full HD quality, while the images are all hi-res and can be downloaded in sets as Zip files. There are no limits on downloads when it comes to this site, and the content is exclusive.

Daughter Swap is a unique and interesting site. All of the scenes are pretty much scripted in their own unique way, and you will have hours upon hours of entertainment with their exclusive content.  It really is something quite new and fresh in the world of reality porn and, more importantly, it makes for some rather arousing videos while dancing on the line of taboo. Thanks to the amazingly cute and incredibly attractive talent, as well as good writing and solid direction of the scenes, the content available on this website, is something that you simply have to experience in order to see just how good it is.


The design of the site is presented in a vertical manner, meaning that one thing comes after another in a vertical line. This is a problem when you try to browse through the content available on the site, more so because there is no search option. For now, this is not a huge problem, but in the future as the content keeps getting updated it will. You can comment and rate on each video, as well create your own personal favorites that you can rewatch as many times as you want.


When it comes it comes to extras, there are no extras or bonuses when you sign up. Since this is a standalone site that’s what you get, on the other hand this site is a part of the Team Skeet network so if you fancy to pay a bit more than the cost of the regular membership you will be able to get access to 20 + other sites that are a part of this network. As I’ve mentioned above there is no search by keyword, and there are a bit few ads in the member’s area that can prove to be annoying sometimes.


DaughterSwap is a porn website with a unique twist to the reality porn genre which is bound to intrigue you and make you hooked if you decide to give it go. With insanely kinky videos featuring stunning young starlets, as well as incredible hardcore action, coupled with great direction and intriguing premises, this porn website offers a lot of bang for your buck and it is definitely well worth your time. Visit Daughter Swap.

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