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We just can’t get enough of the “mature lesbian teaches a young teen about the joys of lesbian sex” cliche, and this is where Dyked.com steps in. They don’t care about cliches, they only care about delivering some top-notch pornography to you, and that’s exactly what they do. Even though there’s isn’t a lot of porn on the website, the production value is great, and the models are absolutely stunning!

Dyked Review

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So, seeing as this website only posts lesbian content (though you’re going to be seeing some dicks here and there since some of these girls are bisexual and they also love threesomes like any wild bi girl out there), you know exactly what you’re going to see when you click on that link for the most part. Chicks munching on each other’s tight wet pussies, fingering each other, and so on. However, there seems to be a lack of strap-on porn in here, which is pretty weird, seeing as lots of lesbians like to include though when they fuck, or at least that’s what lesbian pornography tells us.

Chicks will fuck in all sorts of ways, some girls are really into vanilla stuff so you will see some pretty normal sex between a stepmother and her naughty stepdaughter, but you will also see some girls tying each other up and terrorizing each other’s pussies. However, you’re never really going to see anything too extreme on this page since this page is meant to be seen by huge masses of people, not just dudes who are really into genital mutilation and stuff like that. Anyway, let’s get back to the main topic. How many videos are there on the website?

Well, you’ll be happy to find out that there are 54 videos on this website right now, and they can all be streamed in HD. However, there are some lower resolutions as well for you folks with the shitty internet connections and all that, which is great. Not only can you watch these videos in 720p HD, but you can also check them out in as low as 360p, which is neat if you’re on your phone but you’re in a crisis, and you just need to see some good lesbian porn as soon as possible.

You’ll also find that all of these videos can be downloaded directly to your device as well, so you don’t need to watch them right away, which is pretty neat. Just download them to your phone and save the magic for later! Whenever you download one of these videos, it will be saved as a .zip file, and within the file, you will also find a gallery of HD pictures as a little bonus. You don’t get to see these pictures when streaming, so you have a really good reason to download your videos as soon as possible.


On a website as simple as this one, browsing tools aren’t something that you should be thinking about. Maybe if the website had twice the videos it has at the moment it would make sense to add a categorization system or something like that, but right now, seeing as the website only has 54 videos, and it only gets one or two updates per month, it’s not necessary. You may leave comments on certain scenes, and you can also give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down if you feel like this. The basic search engine is pretty decent, so it will help you out with finding the type of content you’re looking for.


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Although there are much bigger lesbian websites out there, the unique content of Dyked.com brings you gorgeous gals and high production values, and that’s something you rarely see. This website surely deserves all of your time.

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