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My Babysitters Club Review

Most of us will never be blessed with a hot and sexy teenie babysitter with a fat ass and a nice pair of perky titties, and this is what will restrict us to masturbating to other people who live out this fantasy instead of us…which is exactly what the crew of TeamSkeet does, and they post all those videos on

My Babysitters Club Review

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I mean, if you can’t nail them yourself, then it is obvious that the next best thing that you could do is watch other people bone these horny teenies instead of you and make them moan as they near an inevitable orgasm because they had all that meat inside of their pussies, rubbing against their walls. Not only will these men make sure that they give it their all when it comes to fucking these babes, but these slutty teenies will also make sure that you see the best of them on cam.


You’ll notice that, a part of the TeamSkeet network has been creeping up on the internet, hoping that someone will check it out and get their pass ever since the summer of 2015, however, it seems that the page did not get that many updates since then. This is quite understandable if you take the fact that the main niche of the website is oddly specific…kinda. These girls just haven’t been putting in enough work, but what we have on the page right now is fine as well, seeing as the average dude can get off to stuff like this without a doubt.

It’ll keep you entertained for hours, and even after you cum, your cock surely won’t calm down and go limp that easily. While the website has been adding around two videos every month ever since it came into existence, the owners didn’t give a damn about making any videos after December 2017…so it does not seem like they will add more, but these 64 videos have proven to be more than enough. As I have said it before, is going to be hours and hours of fun for your average dude who gets hard to young women. You may stream the videos right there on the spot in a few resolutions, and yes, the 720p and the 1920 x 1080p options are available, which is obviously what most of us are here for, right?

What’s the point of streaming scenes in low resolutions? You may also download them if you want to play around with your beloved movies a bit later. Naturally, these videos are available in a few resolutions as well, and yes, the 720p and the 1080p ones are available, which is great.


When it comes to browsing MyBabySittersClub, then you won’t really run into many issues, as the design of the website truly is top-notch, so there should be no problems when it comes to finding whatever it is that you want to see on this website. Besides, do you really needs any browsing tools on a website that only has 64 videos posted on it? Just scroll through them and find the one thing you like. Every scene can be “liked” or “disliked” and you may as well drop a comment, too, and the basic search will come in handy every now and then if you really need it on a website as simple as this one.


Seeing as this is not a standalone website that won’t keep you entertained forever, after you get a pass for MyBabySittersClub, you may also check out 19 bonus TeamSkeet websites.


Even though MyBabySitters club is a website that most likely won’t be getting any updates anytime soon, it still has a whole lot of entertaining content to keep you going for quite some time. Give the club a shot!

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